Statement Services provide liability and quantum statements.

Our Statements

Statement Services can provide a varied range of statements depending on your requirements. It may be that you are unsure about a case, so we can speak to the client and return the statement to you with feedback on credibility and likely performance in court. We highlight any strengths, weaknesses or potential issues that may have an adverse affect on your case generally.

This is possible as all our drafters have ran their own caseloads and cases to court so know the procedure and pitfalls that need addressing; this differs from a lot of our competitors that merely outsource to the next available agent.

There really isn’t any area that we can’t cover in drafting a statement, legal or otherwise as we have a wide and varied range of experience across all our staff, but if you aren’t sure, then please do not hesitate to call and have a chat.

We have unlimited access to translators, should this service be required, either during the call or to translate the statement afterwards,

We take statements not only in the day but also in the evenings and weekends so we can obtain all the evidence needed when it suits your client or witness, no matter how awkward or difficult they are to get hold of.

Whilst our statements are taken over the phone, the personal touch is still given from experienced staff who understand that most clients have never been involved in giving a statement before and they are capable of putting your client at ease no matter how apprehensive or wary they are.

They ensure that the right questions are asked, as it is often the small pieces of information that are so vital but get overlooked.

If however a client would prefer a face-to-face interview, then they are more than welcome to attend our offices.

The statements will then be emailed direct to the instructing Fee Earner or claims handler ready for immediate print. Statements can also be faxed, posted or sent via the DX if preferred.