Statement Services provides liability and quantum statements.

Our Services

Although we specialise in compiling witness statements for litigation, Statement Services also provide the following services nationally.

Process Service

Photography Service

We attend the injured party or location and take professional photographs to be used as evidence. All photographs are sent via a PDF document through email so you are able to print as many copies as you like.

If photographs of injuries are required, then these can often be very personal and we are therefore able to provide both male and female photographers.

Locus Reports

We attend the scene of the Road Traffic Accident and prepare a full locus report to meet your specific requirements including:

  • Accident scene description
  • Map and sketch plan
  • Comprehensive collection of accident site photographs
  • Site measurements

All locus reports are professionally compiled to be used in subsequent litigation and comply with the Civil Procedure Rules and Data Protection Act.

Nationwide Coverage

Tracing Services

We help with locating clients and witnesses, including attending last known addresses and fresh leads on current locations. We are able to search numerous databases for information.

Site Inspection Services

We can arrange for a joint attendance at any location together with your client and any representative from the defendant and provide a full report on what was said and all issues agreed.

We also offer a risk assessment service for difficult or complicated cases designed to help measure the strength of a case prior to action, please contact us on 0151 647 4139 or click here and complete our contact form.